3 Things Science Says November Babies Have In Common...Do you Agree?

Have a November birthday?

What about a baby on the way due this month? 

If so, you may be happy (and if you're anything like us - surprised) to see 3 things November babies have in common according to the scientific community! 

1.  Less Likely to Be Night Owls
According to research, kids born in the fall and winter tend to go to sleep earlier (YAY - adult recharge time!) than those born in the spring and summer. 

2.  Big Babies...Comparatively. 
Harvard research shows that kids born in the chilly months tend to be not only longer, but also heavier than those born in the summer.  

3.  Lefty Anyone?
The University of Vienna reports that babies born between November - January have a higher chance of being left-handed; especially if they are a boy. 

What do you think?  Do these studies hold any truth? 

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