Have an open order from mid-November?

Hello friend,

Mark Brown and Zen Pig here - we hope you are well and thriving!

If you are here you may be wondering:
"Where is my Zen Pig?"

We experienced a backorder with "Zen Pig: All That Is Needed", but rest assured we are back in stock and we are getting your orders out FAST. 

If you ordered a bundle and have been waiting, we appreciate your patience and you WILL receive your Zen Pig package BEFORE CHRISTMAS. 

If you ordered and haven't seen any emails from us - please check your spam folder - sometimes order confirmation emails get placed there.

We are working as fast as we can to get your Zen Pig started on his journey to his new loving home, and once he ships you will receive an email with tracking number (remember to check those spam folders).

At any rate, we are SO GRATEFUL for YOU and your offering Zen Pig a loving home - really.

Always here for you! 

-Mark Brown and Zen Pig