Clean Water Initiative

How YOU are giving Clean Water

It's so crazy that even today, over 1B people suffer from not enough clean water access...that is not even close to ok.

That's why we have partnered with Nashville, TN based non-profit Mocha Club to help.

For every product you buy, Zen Pig sends enough of the proceeds to ensure you are giving clean water access to someone for 1 year!  That's huge! 

Mocha Club has boots on the ground in 6 countries in Africa where they:

  • Dig new wells
  • Build fences to keep livestock from contaminating water sources 
  • Repair existing wells
  • Construct sanitary toilet slabs to prevent contamination of sources


To date, YOU have given over 100,000 people access to clean water! 

YOU are making a difference! 

Transparency is Key

We at Zen Pig do NOT take your trust or support lightly.  

We see ourselves as stewards of your generosity therefore, we believe in complete transparency. 

Here are a few "behind-the-scenes" notes about how our business operates and partner's with non-profit Mocha Club.

First, Zen Pig is a for-profit business we partner with a non-profit, Mocha Club.  Their staff are incredible ADVOCATES and ACTION-TAKERS for those suffering from lack of clean water access.  

From the beginning Mocha Club disclosed to us how much they need to provide clean water access for 1 person for 1 year;  we take that number from each of our sales and hand it over.  

This is done by aggregating all sales each quarter and sending Mocha Club a cashiers check.  We send your contributions every quarter due to a substantial delay in retail payments which can be up to 90 days.

While this may be more information than is desired for most; we want to be sure it is present for those more curious about how it works.

Zen Pig is SO GRATEFUL to have earned your trust and to have YOU as a partner in helping the next generation with powerful values as well as working to provide clean water access.